"Now, more than ever, we need someone with expertise in mental health issues on the School Board."

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As a licensed psychologist with Master and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Miami School of Education, I have devoted my professional career to improving the mental health of children and their families.

As your school board member, I will support our teachers, ensure our schools are safer, and advocate for our children’s mental health from kindergarten through high school.


We must establish comprehensive mental health programs for every child, in every school. This will yield better academic results. Equally important, it would ensure that our children are well equipped to enter adulthood and face its many challenges with coping skills and resiliency.


It has been my passion and life’s work to advocate for the integration of education and mental health. I invite you to learn more about me and why I am the best candidate to replace Dr. Martin Karp in this non-partisan election.  Thank you.

investing in our shared future.

My Priorities:

Focus on Students' Mental Health

Ensure We Safely Re-Open Our Schools

Make Schools Safe and Nurturing

Support Special Needs Students

Provide More Education Options

Pay and Respect Our Teachers More

Help fuel our



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Paid by Dr. Raquel Bild-Libbin (non-partisan) for Miami-Dade School Board, Dist. 3